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Moving November 16, 2022

Your Three-Day Packing Timeline for a Last-Minute Move in Less than a Week

Last-minute moving plans are not easy as you have your entire household to pack within a few days. Moving to a new place requires your time and effort for a hassle-free experience and when you don’t have time to waste, things could easily turn into chaos. For a last-minute move, you need to act quickly and create a moving timeline and checklist to get things organized throughout the process. 

When you have to pack and move in less than a week, don’t hesitate to hire professional local movers and packers to help you out during the process. So, if you have no time to waste on planning and preparation for your last-minute move, here’s your three-day packing timeline to make things efficient and hassle-free.

Day 1

The hardest places to pack, such as the laundry room, kitchen, and garage, should always come first. Move on to other areas after that. You can organize your packing in this manner. Make a list and get packing right away. Alternatively, you could ask friends or relatives for assistance to help. We always recommend you hire professional movers and packers to help you with all the packing and moving tasks. They have all the experience, skills, and necessary tools to make the packing process faster and more efficient.

Day 2

You can pack up the living room and the children’s rooms on this day. Clothing and shoes should be packed first, followed by a box containing office materials, toys, stuffed animals, and jewelry. When you’re finished, clean and vacuum the furniture to have it ready for packing the next day. To carefully pack jewelry, use paper towels. Don’t try to organize your clothes, pack them as they are in your wardrobe to save time and effort.

Day 3

Pack the items for your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom on the day you move. Do not forget to disassemble all the furniture, and pack the electronics and drapes. In order to save money, make sure that none of the boxes have empty slots. Pack the furnishings from the guest room separately in cardboard boxes. Put all of your sporting equipment in one box. Avoid packing books in rolling luggage and putting other room furnishings in the same box.

When you are packing your household belongings, don’t forget to label each box as soon as you tape them after getting things done. It will help you keep things organized and make sure you don’t forget anything essential during the whole process. If you want assistance in packing your household for an upcoming move, call us for affordable and effective services.

With the assistance of our professional movers and packers, you can complete packing on schedule and have them help you load the moving truck with all of the packed boxes on moving day. They will also assist you in gathering everything at a single packing station. Because we will show up on time, this will assist save time and money.