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furniture movers December 6, 2022

Must Do the Following When Moving Furniture to a New Place

Protecting your possessions to ensure they arrive in the new house in the same condition they left the old place is the most important chore while packing for a move. For instance, properly packing your furniture includes guarding your huge, priceless pieces against unintentional damage while being transported. Due to their large size and heavy weight, furniture items are typically difficult to pack for relocation. Some of the furniture you have will be fairly delicate and fragile, that are particularly susceptible to scratches, dents, chips, and other forms of damage, making things even more difficult during your house move.

Your best choice when it comes to packing and moving your furniture securely and successfully is still to hire reputable professional furniture movers. However, you could want to pack most or all of your furniture by yourself for a variety of reasons. The following list will outline all you need to do to ensure that your expensive and important pieces of furniture arrive at the new place undamaged.

Do create an inventory

Make a thorough inventory of all the furniture in your house. Using the inventory checklist, you can decide which furniture items to bring with you and which to leave behind to be sold, gifted to friends, or donated to a worthy cause.

Do measure

To evaluate whether the major furniture items in your home can securely travel through the doorways, corners, and hallways, measure them.

Do clean

Before you pack up your furniture, give it a good cleaning. While you don’t need to go overboard with the cleaning, you still want to make sure that the things are free of dust, grime, or any other particles that could harm the delicate surfaces of some of the more fragile pieces.

Do prepare

Purchase and prepare the necessary moving supplies for packing furniture, including moving blankets, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, soft packing paper, and thick cardboard sheets for protection.

Do remove

Remove all glass pieces from your furniture, and then wrap each of these incredibly breakable components in thick furniture blankets to protect them separately.

Do disassemble

Disassemble any furniture that is too large to pass through some of your home’s smaller corridors or more confined openings safely. The larger and more complicated furniture that you want to disassemble has construction manuals that you should read through to ensure safe packing and transportation.

Do use

Use bubble wrap to cushion the more delicate portions of your furniture, including ornaments and projecting parts that are prone to breaking. When packing antique furniture for a transfer, bubble wrap provides the extra protection you require.

Do cover

To ensure that your furniture pieces are always shielded, completely cover all exposed surfaces. Use sturdy furniture blankets to provide good protection, and then tape the blankets to prevent them from unraveling while being transported.

These are a few dos you must consider when packing furniture for moving. We always recommend hiring professional packers and movers to help you with your relocation. If you are looking for professional furniture movers in Dubai for your next move, contact us for more details and affordable services.