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Blog October 11, 2019

Export Packing Company: How to hire the Right One??

When it comes to shipping or exporting a package overseas, being fully aware of all the factors that come into export packaging can come in handy. While many people choose an export packing company to take care of their export ordeals, it is still very prudent to know a few things about the basics when it comes to shipping your items abroad.


  • First of all, you must make sure that all the products are packed securely and correctly, are appropriately labeled, and are completely insured. Careful packing will ensure that the items inside arrives safely, and proper labeling, on the other hand, will ensure that the products arrive at the right destination. Moreover, proper insurance will ensure that any stolen or broken item will not lead to a total loss. So, making sure that all these three things are on the proper check can save you from a great amount of hassle and issues at the last moment.


  • Secondly, a successful expert shipping also largely depends very much on the export packing company. Indeed, hiring a professional packaging company to take care of your shipments is highly recommended, but knowing what all to look for when hiring the right one can save a substantial amount of money and effort.


So before you hire any random export packaging company, make sure you find out a few significant details about them so you can be 100% sure about your final decision.


Here are some of the major questions you must ask while looking for reliable export shipping.


  1. Are you authorized and licensed?

One of the major questions that you should ask your potential export packing company is if or not they are licensed and insured by the relevant authorities in the country. License and insurance both are very important as they will save you from any hassle that you might face during the shipping process.


  1. Do you charge any additional fees?

When hiring the right packing company, make sure you are not being charged with extra fees. Remember that your final price quote may be broken down into different sections, so it’s better to be careful and look out for additional or hidden fees. Also, ask about the destination terminal handling and packing fees beforehand so you don’t get any unexpected surprises at the end of the day.


Is the insurance included in the final quote? Find out if you have to purchase any additional insurance to protect your items in the event of loss or damage. Asking about insurance is of the utmost importance when your shipment contains something very expensive or you’re transporting items like a car for instance. All those valuables should be properly listed on the insurance form so you don’t face any challenges when claiming for it.


  1. What is the duration of the shipping process?


Always make sure to ask your chosen company about the duration of the shipping process. While an exact duration isn’t always possible because of the varying scheduling and logistics conditions, you should at least ask for an idea. You’ll at least get an estimate so you can plan further.


So, with these considerations in mind, hopefully, you’ll be able to hire the right export packing company in UAE that will be just worth it for your investment. Nevertheless, just make sure to do thorough research and make your final decision very wisely.


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