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Export Packing

Export Packing

We, Al Marazeeq Mover & Packing Company, are the leading export packing company based in the UAE. We are specialized in packaging export products with protection layers, labeling, and enclosures for overseas transportation. Our experts take care of handling the packaging of cargo to protect it from minor accidental damages.

Our company goals and commitment are aligned to your best interests and for that, we are fully dedicated to maintaining uncompromising integrity and reputation. We know that export packaging plays a vital role in the export process due to varying climatic conditions, handling methods and other factors involved in exporting to new markets.

High Quality Export Packing Solutions in the UAE

Being one of the best Dubai professional movers, we offer high quality export packing services without putting a single scratch to your products to be shipped. We understand that proper and quality packing is essential to ensure that products arrive safe and secure at the final destination.

This is why we use premium quality packaging material that is engineered to protect from stacking pressures, vibrations, climatic stresses, and moisture as well as from bending and compression. Besides, to immobilize products inside packing material, different types of blocking material and void-filling materials are used to fill the void around the products for secure transportation.

So, you can rely on us for the packaging of your precious cargo.

Find Export Packing Solutions for All Modes of Transportation with Us

With each means of transportation, there are specific things to consider.

Air Freight Shipping
It is generally meant for shipping with short lead times. But, there is one limitation. It is the most expensive option. The larger and heavier a package is, the higher the cost of shipping will be by air.

Sea Freight Shipping
Sea transportation is the most common export solution for shipping large and bulky freights with flexible lead times. Though it takes the longest duration, it is highly affordable to ship export products.

Rail Freight Shipping
When it comes to inland transportation, rail transportation is the most affordable solution. It offers the shipment of large volumes in less time. Plus, it is also a convenient option as it is readily available to most destinations.

Road Freight Shipping
This mode of transportation is mainly required to move the shipment from an airport or seaport to its final destination.

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