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Blog July 5, 2024

Essential Tips for Preparing Your Furniture for Storage in Dubai

Moving or renovating your home in Dubai often means finding a safe place for your furniture. Furniture storage in Dubai is a great solution, but it’s important to prepare your items properly. With the right steps, you can make sure your furniture stays in good condition while it’s stored away.

Clean Everything Thoroughly

Before you put your furniture in storage, give it a good cleaning. Dust, dirt, and stains can damage your furniture over time. It is important that you use the right cleaning products for each type of material:

  • For wood: Use a soft cloth and furniture polish
  • For fabric: Vacuum thoroughly and treat any stains
  • For leather: Wipe with a leather cleaner and conditioner

Cleaning not only protects your furniture but also keeps the storage area clean for everyone.

Take Apart Large Pieces

Big furniture like beds, tables, and shelves can take up a lot of space. If possible, take these items apart. It makes them easier to move and helps you save space in furniture storage in Dubai. Keep all the screws and small parts in a labeled bag. Tape this bag to the furniture so you don’t lose it.

Protect Delicate Surfaces

Scratches and dents can happen easily when moving furniture. Protect delicate surfaces with:

  • Bubble wrap for glass tabletops or mirrors
  • Foam sheets for wooden surfaces
  • Cloth or felt pads for table and chair legs

Wrap Everything Properly

Proper wrapping is the key to protecting your furniture in storage. Use:

  • Plastic wrap or moving blankets for upholstered items
  • Cardboard corners for sharp edges
  • Dust covers for mattresses and sofas

Make sure everything is wrapped tightly to keep out dust and insects.

Raise Furniture Off the Floor

When using furniture storage in Dubai, it’s a good idea to keep your items off the floor. Use pallets or plastic sheeting to create a barrier. It will protect your furniture from moisture that might come up from the floor.

Pack Smartly

When you’re putting things into furniture storage in Dubai, think about how to pack efficiently:

  • Put heavier items at the bottom
  • Don’t stack too many things on top of each other
  • Use sturdy boxes for smaller items

Label Everything

Make it easy to find things later by labeling all your furniture and boxes. Write down what’s inside each box and which room it belongs to. It will save you time and hassle when you’re ready to bring your furniture home.

Pick a storage unit that’s the right size for your needs. Too small, and you might damage furniture trying to squeeze everything in. Too big, and you’ll pay for space you don’t need. Most furniture storage in Dubai facilities have staff who can help you choose the right size.

Follow these tips and you can make sure that your furniture stays safe and in good condition while in storage. Whether you’re storing things for a short time during a move or for a longer period, proper preparation makes a big difference.