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Blog February 1, 2021

A 4-Step Guide for Moving Houses in the UAE in 2021

Moving houses always seems a daunting task. Especially if you are living in a rental home, it gets a bit more complicated. Right from cancelling all your connections, subscriptions, and tenancy contract to apply for them all over again, you might feel too overwhelmed even by the thought of moving to a new place.

Fortunately, the major part of moving gets easier and fun when you know the right moving and packing company that also offers furniture storage services.

If you also have found your new home and planning for moving in 2021, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make this daunting task manageable in the UAE.

  1. Check your tenancy contract.

Take a look at your tenancy contract to see what clauses it has for early termination or non-renewal. Even if you are moving right when your tenancy contract ends, the contract may have mentioned certain requirements on the notice period you need to serve before moving out. Besides, you should also apply for a return on the security deposit. Discuss all these things with your current landlord. If you are moving to a new rental home, also speak to your new landlord.

  1. Cancel the current registrations and subscriptions and apply for new ones.

You will need to cancel the telecommunications and utility connections. Then, apply for new connections based on the location of your new home as well. In Dubai, you can use the REST app to complete your Ejari registration online. In 2021, most UAE service providers have started providing their services online, allowing users to upload the necessary documents and make payments online. Get your telecom and utility connections in place before you move.

  1. Request for the move with your property manager.

No matter if you are living in a building or community, you will need to provide certain documents to confirm the move in/out with your property management.

Some communities demand a written request from the tenant, which includes:

  • The date on which you will be moving out or moving in
  • The vehicle registration number of the moving truck
  • The name of the moving and packing company
  • Trade license number

They may also ask for the company’s third-party insurance papers.

You need to make request with the property management of both your existing home and new home. Once you have the clearance letter, you can start the processing of moving.

  1. Check out whether the moving and packing company follows hygiene measures.

After the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to see if the moving and packing company takes additional steps to follow the highest hygiene standards. It must have strict COVID-19 compliance measures as well.

Expect moving and packing professionals to wear anti-microbial masks and hand gloves. While moving your belongings, they should sanitize their hands frequently.

Enquire if the company also conducts temperature checks of their team every day to ensure the staff is healthy.

If you are also opting for furniture storage services, make sure that the storage space is enclosed, appropriate and has ambient furniture storage conditions. Also, ensure that the company clean, sanitize, and disinfect the storage space before storing your furniture.

Following these steps will help you restore your peace of mind and make the moving task hassle-free and safely.