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Blog October 24, 2022

4 Ultimate Ways to Upcycle Your Old Furniture for Your New House

Moving into a new house is exciting as well as stressful. You have to keep a huge amount of money aside for down payments, closing costs, rental deposits, utility transfers, and paying the moving company to move your stuff. As a result, you may end up with very little money to invest in new furniture. But what if you find that your old furniture doesn’t go well with your new home? In such a scenario, fold your sleeves and use the following tricks to give your old furniture a whole new look.

Refinish wood pieces 

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can fuse life into your old furniture. So you can paint an old piece of wood furniture to make it brand new and fresh all over again. You can easily change the color of a piece of wood furniture during a free afternoon according to the requirement of your new space. If your new space demands a contemporary look, give your furniture a bright or white finish. If you want to opt for a classic look rather than something modern, go for warm and dark colors. You can also give some hints of colors to get a chic appearance for your furniture.

Take care of the upholstery

Does it feel like you are sitting on clouds whenever you hit your couch to watch your favorite TV show? If yes, then you can easily save this piece of furniture. First of all, scrub it down using a cleaner and a soft-bristled brush, or call a cleaning company to work for you. If the fabric has any tears, flip the cover and mend it using a needle and thread. Reupholstering the furniture can be a little tricky however you can do it with the help of some YouTube videos. By repairing the furniture all by yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Experiment with placements

No rule specifies the placement of a particular piece of furniture unless it’s a bed or kitchen table. If you feel that a certain table, cabinet, or bookshelf is not working in a room, move it to another one where it works. When you move to a new space, experiment with the placements of the furniture you have and see if you can come up with the most perfect arrangements.

Give finishing touches

Interior designing and decorating is a fine art that you can find extremely fun. Give your new space the ambiance you desire with your creative mind. Highlight the architectural details, window views, and other features by accessorizing them in the right way. Look for pieces of art, window treatments, vases, rugs, pillows, and knick-knacks to make the rooms blend with your existing furniture.

Bottom line

Moving to a new home doesn’t mean that you need to leave your precious furniture. You can utilize the above tips to save a lot of money while moving to a new place. Apart from the above tips, don’t overlook the importance of hiring professional furniture movers to safely move your existing furniture to your new home. They are trained and qualified to transport everything in one piece.