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Blog April 1, 2021

Why is Air Cargo Better Option Than Sea Freight?

It’s a known fact that air freight plays a pivotal role in the global trade system. Each year, billions of goods are transported via air. Many people choose the air cargo option because it is the best transport alternative for high-value and low-volume shipments.

Although it’s a costly option, with smart planning, you can mitigate the effect of a price rise. Here we’ll talk about why Dubai air cargo is a suitable option for you and why you should choose it every time.

  1. Quickest Transport Option

Air cargo is the best choice you have if you want to move your goods from point A to B swiftly. It is without a doubt the quickest cargo alternative compared to ocean, road, and rail transport. Since air cargo cruises at extremely high speed, air freight is effective for shipping goods over longer distances. It just takes a few hours to ship your goods from one continent to another by air.

  1. Reliability

Receiving the items in appropriate condition and on-time is every business’s top priority. Because airlines tend to be on top of their schedules with dependable arrival and departure times, they are a more reliable option than ocean freight and rail transport.

  1. Ship Goods Almost Anywhere

The routes for sea, rail, and road freight often involve major transportation networks. It leaves the remote areas or smaller territories out of the picture. However, many airlines have a large network of destinations, which covers almost the entire world. It means, with air freight, you can ship your goods to any destination.

  1. Reduced Costs for Packaging and Warehousing

Air cargo typically requires less heavy packing compared to other shipping alternatives. This helps you avoid unnecessary costs. Moreover, the faster transit time of air freight reduces the need for local warehousing. It means you can save money on packaging services and warehousing costs.

  1. Secure Option

As air cargo is used for high-value shipments, the chances of your goods getting damaged or stolen are very minimal. Goods shipped by air undergo minimal handling, which makes air cargo one of the safest shipping options. Also, safety controls over cargo are tightly managed, and most goods are cleared within a few hours.

  1. Easy to Track

Because of the flight number and information about departure and arrival, tracking air freight shipment is very easy. Moreover, several freight forwarders offer mobile applications for tracking your items. It means you can monitor your cargo status to stay constantly updated.

Dubai air cargo is an ideal option if you have high-value and low-volume goods, which need to move quickly. You can compare rates of air cargo and sea freight to know which option is better for you.