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Blog November 25, 2022

What Should You Do Before Furniture Movers Show Up?

Moving furniture is a challenging task when relocating from one place to another. Preparation is essential if you want to do the work quickly and safely, whether you’re moving delicate antiques like an armoire, piano, or closet, or heavy furniture like a dresser, couch, sofa, or kitchen table. Hiring a professional moving company is your best way to pack and move your bulky and heavy furniture to a new place; however, you need to do some early preparation to ensure safe and efficient moving.

Ever wonder what must be accomplished before the furniture movers show up? When you have furniture to move, you cannot leave everything to moving experts. Locals can get assistance from expert furniture movers with their packing, moving, unpacking, and storage requirements. Here are a few moving tips to help you move furniture and other heavy and bulky items as stress-free as possible.

Take Measurements of All Your Furniture and Corners

Now that moving day has arrived, you are prepared to move into your dream house. The couch won’t fit through the door, which is the only issue. Stop the nightmare before it starts, rather than waiting to see if your furniture would even fit.

Take the measurements of the furniture you are moving and openings to determine whether you’ll actually run into any problems. If so, tell your furniture movers about the issue so that they could come well-prepared to deal with the situation. Consider putting furniture in storage if it is still too large for your new house.

Empty and Disassemble the Furniture

Take the time to empty cabinets and drawers whether you are moving furniture to a storage facility or a new house to make it lighter and safer to transfer. To make the relocation lighter, safer, and easier to move, disassemble any furniture you have. For instance, if your couch has removable feet, remove those in advance. And although though it might seem apparent, don’t forget to remove and store the couch cushions.

Assess the Path to the Moving Truck from the Door

This is crucial if you are moving during the winter. It can be risky to move furniture during the winter. Sidewalks ought to be cleared of snow and ice, with passageways wide enough for several furniture movers to pass on either side. You must remove all the obstacles from the route for safer and easier moving of your heavy and bulky furniture.

Moving furniture does not have to be difficult. However, it is good to be prepared before the movers show up. Do some preliminary research and ask around to hire the best furniture movers. Our Professional furniture movers have the necessary tools to complete the work safely and without destroying fragile furnishings.