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Blog December 22, 2020

Top 5 Holiday Freight Shipping Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs and e-commerce sellers, the holiday season is often a busy and hectic period. At Christmas and New Year time, customers usually buy a lot of gifts. Business owners feel the stress of the shopping rush, and they want the products to arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Also, this year, the pandemic has made an online sale even more significant for e-commerce sellers. As an entrepreneur, you should avoid any issues by streamlining your shipping process to make your brand more appealing to customers.

There are factors that can impact delivery time, some of which will be outside of your control. Here are some tips on handling orders and choosing the right Dubai to Saudi Arabia cargo, which can help turn this festive season into your best quarter yet.

  1. Stock Your Inventory

As a business owner, you should know which items of yours are likely to sell the most in this festive season. Stock and pre-package those goods to save time on procuring products you know the customer will buy.

  1. Setting Up Shipping Early

The next step is to determine your shipping areas or the place that you ship to. You can also choose to ship internationally, or only to specific countries. After that, set shipping rates and methods for each zone. This can be beneficial in determining shipping cutoff dates for specific places.

  1. Choosing the Right Shipping Carrier

Select the right shipping carrier for you since they can impact rates, arrival times, and delivery quality. The carrier for your business may vary, but here are a few things to consider when opting for one.

  • Make sure your carrier can ship to the locations of your service.
  • If your products are heavy or require special attention, ensure that your carrier offers a solution.
  • Know how quickly your carrier can deliver
  • Ensure that there is tracking available
  • Know if the insurance is included
  1. Minimize the Risk of Rolled Cargo

Rolled cargo means that your cargo doesn’t make it onto the vessel that is supposed to carry it. Although you can’t prevent your cargo from being rolled, you can take a few steps to mitigate the risk.

  • Choose the freight on a direct route.
  • Ensure that all international shipping documentation is incorrect order.
  • Avoid shipping your freight in 40-foot high cube containers, as they are usually the ones to be rolled when a cargo runs out of space.
  1. Choose the Air Freight Option

Although you may not use Dubai air cargo for international shipping, it can be a great option when you are late to dispatch the items. Even if you have time, consider using air freight to hedge against the unexpected.

Remember, shipping rates usually increase during the festive season, and your carrier may charge you more to ship packages. Peak dates typically occur throughout November and December into early January. Keep in mind that shipments are subject to increase rates depending on weight and additional handling.

Keep calm throughout the shopping madness this holiday season. And make sure to follow these tips to supply your customers with the product they love timely.

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