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Blog December 15, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Stress-free Moving during Christmas and New Year

The beginning of a new decade is imminent, and there will be many of us who are planning to make a fresh start in a new home – that might be your own dream home, one arranged by your company, or a rented home that can fulfill more of your expectations this time.

Though starting life in a new location often seems exciting and refreshing, moving into a new home often comes with overwhelmingly stressful packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and organizing your belongings. And being busy with all these things while everybody out there is celebrating Christmas and shopping for the New Year might make you feel more upset and gloomy.

Fortunately, Dubai professional movers and packers are all you need to minimize your tasks while moving. In fact, by hiring the right ones, you will be enjoying more and stressing out less.

This post will guide you on how to diminish hassles and maximize comfort while planning to move near Christmas or New Year.

  • Decide the Right Day for Moving

You need to set a fixed day to move out of your old home. And the best day that can prevent you from facing high-traffic and crowd is right after Christmas. During this time, most people take off from their work and spend their time with family and friends. Besides, it will also give you enough time to unpack and organize your home before New Year.

  • Hire Packers & Movers and a Furniture Storage Company

Hiring a furniture storage company to store all your valuable furniture items safely will allow you to plan packing with comfort as there will be more space giving you the sense that a major task has been completed.

Plus, professional packers and movers will pack and label your belongings properly to ensure safe handling. They know what kind of packaging and filling material is perfect to store electronics items, appliances, fragile things, cookware, apparel, and other items. Apart from this, they will load and deliver your belongings safely on the stipulated day and time.

Note: Contracting for furniture storage and packing & moving from the same company will make things more manageable. So, choose a company that provides both services.

  • Encourage Proper Labeling with Necessary Instructions and Intended Room

No matter if you have decided to pack your belongings on your own or hire Dubai professional movers and packers, ensure that all the items are labeled properly along with their description (what’s in the box), handling instruction (if it’s fragile or should be kept or handled in a particular way), and the room where they should be stored in your new home.

This will make it much easier to organize things and keep you from hauling heavy boxes downstairs from the attic.

To make your New Year’s Eve celebration hassle-free, make sure that you know from the labeling where your glassware, cutlery, crockery, decorations, music system, and party clothes are. 

  • Pack Your Decorations and Essentials Last

As you will be celebrating Christmas right before moving, it is not wise to pack your decorations along with other items in advance. Leave curtains, photos, the Christmas tree, and a touch of decor in your living room up to maintain the festive ambiance. Festive Holidays are an important time to spend with your family and make everlasting memories. So, prioritizing your packing will allow you to celebrate the festival on a positive note and pack up quickly when the festival is over.

In short, you can keep all the stress and anxiety that comes with packing and moving at bay and celebrate Christmas and New Year with enthusiasm like everyone else with the right planning. So, remember that hiring Dubai Professional movers and packers as well as a furniture storage company are the key to enjoy peace of mind and a hassle-free moving experience.

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