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furniture storage July 14, 2023

How to Find the Best Furniture Storage Company in Dubai

Are you downsizing or leaving your home for a long time due to a trip out of the country or any other reason? A furniture storage company can help you at this point. However, you need to keep in mind that not all storage companies are created equal. Each offers you a different level of quality of service at a different price. So you need to evaluate potential furniture storage companies to find the best one. In this guide, we will explore what you need to look for in a furniture storage company in Dubai.

Check reviews

To ensure the safety of your valued furniture, it is advisable to conduct a thorough review check before entering into any contractual agreement. The storage industry, including certain reputable companies, often exhibits poor customer service and uncooperative policies. If you opt for a well-known furniture storage company, it is not sufficient to rely solely on nationwide reviews; you must also examine the local branch’s online reputation.

Naturally, even the most exceptional company will receive some negative feedback. It is important to focus on the overall experiences of previous customers on platforms so you can be confident that your chosen storage provider will not engage in any fraudulent practices.

Know your furniture’s needs

While numerous affordable storage services are available, it may be more advantageous to opt for premium companies. Some type of furniture material is susceptible to damage from pests like moths. Similarly, humidity, termites, or water can damage the furniture. So it is worthwhile to choose a company that offers climate-controlled storage or ensures a sealed environment.

Furthermore, it is advisable to explore both in-house and standalone insurance options for your stored possessions. While most storage facilities implement security measures, no facility can guarantee an absolute absence of break-ins.

Determine if you need access

The availability of access to stored belongings is a common concern when dealing with furniture storage companies in Dubai. Many services restrict access for security reasons, preventing individuals from reaching their stored items. If you anticipate the need to access your belongings while they are in storage, we suggest inquiring about this matter at an early stage when evaluating storage services.

In situations where you know you will require access to a specific item while it is in storage, but you are considering a non-access service, you can explore alternative options. One possibility is to request a temporary arrangement with a neighbor, family member, or friend who may be willing to house the item temporarily. Alternatively, you can attempt to negotiate access provisions directly into your storage contract.

To sum up

To guarantee the safety, security, and accessibility of your furniture when selecting a storage facility, careful consideration of a variety of variables is essential. Reviewing customer reviews, especially those from the neighborhood, can assist find a furniture storage company known for providing exceptional customer service in Dubai. Choosing high-end firms which focus on security and provide climate-controlled storage, might provide you additional piece of mind while moving precious belongings.