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Blog June 14, 2021

How much does it cost to move locally within Dubai?

Moving homes locally in Dubai may seem easy but it can be as overwhelming as it can be while moving to another emirate. However, the cost of local house moving can be dramatically lower than the cost of moving to another emirate or country. But wondering how much it will cost still makes sense.

The cost of locally moving in Dubai typically varies with the size of belongings and various other factors. If you are also interested in knowing what influences the cost of moving home locally in Dubai, keep reading the blog.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Moving Locally

  • Size and weight of your belongings – Bigger and heavier items will cost more as they need double the efforts, care, and time to load, unload, and handle them
  • The distance between your new and old home – The cost is usually higher for moving your belongings to a long distance.
  • Level of service – Working with insured movers and packers in Dubai is worth the cost you pay extra. Premium services cost often more; however, you can stay worry-free about facing delays, losses, hassles, damages, etc.
  • The day of moving – If you are planning to move on a busier day, the company is going to charge you more. In Dubai, most residents prefer to move on the weekend. Saturday is the most popular day for moving. To keep the cost down, pick a day when there is the least traffic.
  • Additional charges – You might need to pay extra charges if your movers and packers need to climb stairs or use special packing materials for fragile or sensitive items.

What do movers and packers do when you hire their service?

Or, what’s included in their services?

When you request a quote, the movers and packers in Dubai will first ask to survey to take a look at all the furniture and other items. Then, they will inform you what the move will cost you. On the scheduled day of moving, professionals will disassemble your furniture (if needed) and pack everything properly. Then, all your belongings will be sent to a truck safely. Once they reach your new home, they will reassemble the furniture and unpack other items. To avoid any surprises, it is better to talk to your moving company and ask professionals what’s included in their service.

Usually, it takes around one day to move the content of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. However, it might take two to three days to move a large home. So, always plan accordingly.

How to reduce the cost of moving locally within Dubai?

To keep the cost to a minimum, it is always better to declutter your home before the arrival of professionals. Consider donating, selling, or recycling things that you are not going to use in the new home.

Consult with movers and packers in Dubai and see which day would make it cheaper for you to move. Apart from this, also consider asking if they offer any discounts or special offers.

Another way is to talk to different moving companies in Dubai and compare the cost of their service and features along with accreditations.  

Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be hectic. Working with the right moving company can take a lot of stress off your head. All you need is just good planning and reliable movers and packers.