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Uncategorized March 7, 2024

How Much Do Furniture Movers Cost in Dubai?

If you want to move your house or workplace in Dubai, you have two options: shift the furniture yourself or hire movers and packers in Dubai. Now you must be wondering how much it would cost to hire furniture movers in Dubai.  

Many packers and movers charge AED 1,000 to AED 2,000 for a studio or a one bedroom apartment. However, many packers and movers provide quotes for their services, but their is no specific cost as there are various factors that can influence the cost of furniture movers in Dubai.  

Factors Influencing the Cost of Furniture Movers in Dubai 

Distance of Your Move 

If you’re moving within the city limits, you may expect a consistent price for all areas. However, if you’re moving to a new location far beyond the city limits or if you intend to relocate inter-emirate (city), the quote will be substantially higher. 

Number of Bedrooms 

The number of bedrooms undoubtedly influences the price of your quote. More bedrooms typically imply more stuff and personal belongings to move. This necessitates additional staff and trucks in some circumstances. Movers and packers will consider this before giving you an estimate. 

Peak Season 

Summertime’s mob of new Dubai expats relocating for jobs keeps furniture movers in Dubai most in-demand. Securing teams at the last minute once schools resume rather than booking earlier could increase rates at crunch times based on availability. 

Cost of Furniture Moving in Dubai 

For a 2-bedroom Apartment 

This is where moving might become more expensive, since service providers typically require more workers and cars to help move goods from a two-bedroom apartment. Moving assistance often costs between AED 1800 and 2300. 

For 3-bedroom Apartments and Larger Villas 

If you currently live in a three-bedroom apartment or a large villa, expect to pay anywhere from AED 2500- 4500 in moving charges, as relocating can be a labor-intensive task in this case. 

Hourly Rates 

Regular, non-urgent move support may cost ~200-300 AED for 2-3 professional mover crews per hour. Time estimates are confirmed after in-home visual inspections gauge the total scope. 

Season Premiums 

Peak seasonal periods often boost base rates 15-25% higher, reflecting supply/demand. Most apply July to mid September timeframe minimums despite actual moving durations. Plan around the schedule accordingly. 

Clearly, furniture moving services vary in price depending on various aspects, ranging from fragile special handling requirements to last-minute overnight rebooking desperate requests.  

Discuss details openly with many established furniture movers in Dubai during extensive on-site consultations. They’ll make cost estimates tailored to your specific logistics easier, allowing you to budget for large or small projects with confidence.