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Blog December 12, 2023

How Can I Send Cargo from Dubai to Saudi Arabia?

Do you wish to send anything to Saudi Arabia from Dubai? It’s like solving a puzzle, right? But no worries! You are going to learn all of the details today. Let us share with you why Dubai to Saudi Arabia cargo shipping is the way to go. 

Why pick cargo shipping?

A. For Everyone and Every Occasion 

Cargo shipping isn’t just for big businesses; it is also a great option for you as an individual. Whether it’s your business supplies or your favorite chair for the new place, cargo shipping is like the reliable buddy that’s got your back. 

B. Connecting the Dots Globally 

Choosing cargo shipping isn’t just about moving things; it’s about being part of a global network. It’s like having a secret passageway that connects everything together, making sure your things reach their destination, no matter how far. 

Sending Your Things via Dubai to Saudi Arabia Cargo 

Sending your cargo from Dubai to Saudi Arabia is a walk in the park with Dubai House Movers. Here’s how they keep it real:

Choose a Reliable Cargo Service

Research and select a reputable cargo shipping service that operates between Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Consider things like shipping rates, transit times, and customer reviews to make sure the service is trustworthy. 

Contact the Cargo Company

To contact the chosen cargo shipping company, use the website, customer service number, or physical office. Give specifics such as weight, size, and quantity of the goods you wish to ship. 

Get a Quote

Request a quote for shipping services. The cargo company will calculate the cost based on the weight, volume, and type of items you are sending. Make sure you know all the fees involved, including any customs duties or taxes. 

Prepare Your Shipment

Pack your items securely according to the cargo company’s guidelines. Ensure that fragile items are properly cushioned and that all packages are labeled with clear addresses and contact information. 


Complete any needed paperwork for the cargo shipment. This may include a bill of lading, a packing list, and any customs declarations. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork to help with the customs clearance process.

Customs Clearance

The cargo shipping company will help with the customs clearance process. Ensure that you provide precise details about what’s in your shipment to avoid any delays or complications at customs. 

Tracking and Monitoring

Many cargo companies offer tracking services. Once your shipment is on its way, use the provided tracking information to monitor its progress. This allows you to stay informed about the estimated arrival time and any potential delays.

Delivery and Receiving

Once the cargo arrives in Saudi Arabia, the local delivery process begins. The cargo company or its local partner will arrange for the delivery of your items to the specified address. Be prepared to receive and sign for your shipment.

Payment and Invoicing

Finalize any remaining payments with the cargo company. Review the invoice to ensure that all charges are accurate and accounted for. Keep a copy of the invoice for your records. 

Sending your stuff from Dubai to Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. With the right and reputable service provider, it becomes really simple. Choosing cargo shipping isn’t just a practical move; it’s a way of keeping things smooth and stress-free. So choose Dubai to Saudi Arabia cargo shipping for your needs without hesitation.