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Blog December 13, 2019

Different Expected and Unexpected Costs Associated with International Moving

Are you shifting or being transferred from Dubai to the UK? If yes, it’s obvious that you also need to arrange the shipment of Dubai to UK cargo. Many people who move to the UK often wonder how high international moving costs could be. If you are also one of them, take a look at how many types of costs you may need to pay for. Here is the list of various expected and unexpected expenses you may face during international cargo shipment. 


Moving and Transportation Costs

Generally, it is said that the biggest single expense you will face is hiring an international moving company to move your cargo from your home to a new home in another country. However, you can save a lot if you choose packers and movers wisely. Nonetheless, the cost of moving cargo internationally depends on various factors including:

  • Size of the cargo in terms of weight and volume – the bigger the cargo, the more expensive it would be.
  • Distance – as the distance between source and destination address increases, the cost also increases and vice versa. 
  • Route – some routes are common, while others are quite rare. Since Dubai to UK cargo shipment is usually common, you may find it cheaper than less common countries. 
  • Transportation method – Shipping by sea is the cheapest option whereas the shipping by air is the most expensive. 


Packing and Unpacking Costs

While not every company imposes extra charges for packing and unpacking, there are many who do so. Based on the country you are moving to, there is possibility that you may have no option about incurring this cost. It’s because various countries’ customs policies require moving companies to vouch and ensure that nothing illegal is being exported or imported. Illegal items include drugs, weapons, plants, and animals. Companies that are caught doing such offenses may face fines or lose their licenses. 


Moving Insurance Costs

Some of the moving companies also include insurance in their quoted price. So, before hiring, check what that insurance does and doesn’t cover. In case goods are being shipped via sea routes, you should determine whether or not there is some sort of maritime insurance policy. The insurance cost they are including must cover the full value of the loss, theft, or damage to any of your goods. 


Storage Costs

When moving cargo overseas, you may need to pay for storage in addition to the regular moving costs as it can be difficult to coordinate your moving date to the shipping dates used by international moving companies. Therefore, a situation may arise when your goods need to be stored somewhere safe while they are not in transit. So, keep this in mind while deciding on when your goods will arrive. Another situation may occur when you may want to store your goods while you are looking for a new place to live in another country. 


Custom Duty Charges and Taxes

While most goods for household use are duty-free, you may need to pay custom duty charges for certain types of goods. The United Kingdom has more complicated rules based on where you are moving from. For instance, shipping in countries within the EU is exempt from duty charges whereas shipping from outside the EU may result in duty charges and taxes. Most often, custom charges and duty charges are determined based on the value of goods. 

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