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Blog January 18, 2021

A Guide to Reduce Packing & Moving Costs

Undoubtedly, house moving is an expensive affair. Whether you hire a professional mover or plan a DIY move, the expenses will hit your pocket, especially if you are not aware of various little ways to save money during moving.

Your moving schedule or to-do-checklist should be the combination of both professional help and self-service to reduce the cost. It means you should hire one of the best Dubai professional movers but should work along so that you can negotiate and cut the cost without complicating your house moving task.

A few tips to reduce packing and moving costs are:

Be flexible on your move time – In case of any agreement with the old or new landowner or any other property specification, you cannot make changes on the shifting date. You have to do as mentioned to avoid any penalty.

If there is no such restriction, you should be flexible in your move time. You should avoid the busy months, especially at the end of the financial years. Also, you should avoid at the beginning and the end of the month because a large number of apartment leases with month-end dates. Flexibility will save money on moving.

Evaluate the weight of the shipment – Before connecting with a moving company or packing the stuff, you should ask yourself a question “Do you need that?” It’s because the cost of long-distance moves is based on the weight of your shipment.

You should check the home for the items and get rid of them not used for a long. It’s not a brainer to pay and shift these things to a new place. The best is to sell or donate these unwanted things.

Pack it yourself fully or partially – Professional movers offer packing services. They have packing experts along with packing carton boxes and other packing materials for easy and perfect packing of the items. But unfortunately, the service is a bit pricey. So you should pack it yourself fully.

If not fully, you should do a partial packing of non-breakable items like linens and bedding. You can ask professional movers to handle the breakable items. But remember that the insurance company won’t cover items packed by you.

Stock up boxes and materials – Even after evaluating the items of your house, the number of packing carton boxes and quantity of other packing materials might exceed than anticipated. So instead of making multiple trips for buying them, you should stock up.

If you are buying the packing boxes and materials from the movers, you can return them if not used. The company will subtract the cost accordingly.

Ask for the price quote and negotiate – Last and the most important way to reduce the packing and moving cost is to ask for the price quote from the moving coming. You should discuss the price quote and try to negotiate it.

In the price quote, you should strike-off the services that you can do yourself to reduce the total cost. Also, you should ask about any hidden costs at any step of the moving process. The best is to look for an affordable mover or inform your budget beforehand.

Your awareness will save your pocket from getting bankrupt during house moving. You should consider these tips and pay attention to every step and action taken by the professional movers. In case of any ambiguity, speak up.