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Blog February 3, 2020

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Shipping Air Cargo

Moving cargo from Dubai to a foreign country becomes much easier with the aid of Dubai air cargo shipping companies. Shipping cargo at this scale involves risks, such as damage, loss, partial harm, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure proper execution. One wrong step could lead to damaged cargo partially or fully and service quality deterioration. Avoiding common mistakes can help packers and shipping companies ensure safe delivery, survive the market competition, and satisfy customers. 


Here are some of the mistakes one should avoid to reduce unnecessary and unwanted inconvenience and organizational spending:


Improper Packing

Do you know half of the issues arise during air cargo shipping are the direct result of improper packing? You may be surprised but it is true that improper packing is the root of several issues in this particular area. When a cargo is not packed in the right way or with the right material, the possibility of causing damage to cargo gets increased exponentially. Thus, businesses or families that are looking to transport their cargo via Dubai air cargo shipping companies must hire professional packers for packing procedure. Plus, packing professionals should also exercise caution and follow procedures that meet compliance requirements. 


Not Checking Destination’s regulations

Before setting up the delivery process for clients, check out whether the bundle is meeting the essential guidelines, for instance, certificate as proof of the item’s nation origin. If cargo is not satisfying the requirements of destination country, it will lead to unnecessary delays or even return of the freight. Thus, checking out the rules and regulations related to cargo shipping of destination country is a must. 


Wrong Shipment Weight

Some associations don’t follow the proper cargo weight guidelines. Weighing the shipment at such associations or companies is not recommended as it leads to estimated weights. You should remember that carriers have guaranteed scales at the terminals and they re-check the shipment. If the weight estimation is wrong, they attach a charge to the bill in addition as a penalty. Thus, ensure that cargo is weighed correctly before sending it for delivery. 


Using Incorrect Labels

Incorrect labels often lead to mishandling of cargo. All labels should be printed 2 inches high on different sides and top of the container. For labeling purposes, always use black wide tip marker. Print the last name, the room, the containers go to, and a list of contents. Put a number on every box and cross-reference it to the list of contents recorded on home stock. If there is any special guideline, such as ‘keep upright’ or ‘top load’, it should be marked on each of the four sides to enhance visibility. 


If there are instructions that are essential for awareness, it is best to state and send them through social media so that packers can pack the item separately for better cargo movement. 


Wrong Insurance Coverage

Sometimes people transport important or delicate items, such as antiques, work of art, or engines. But not having insurance coverage may disappoint, should anything go wrong. Thus, it is better to contact courier services that provide sufficient insurance coverage to protect the whole cargo package. 


Not Keeping Track

If you are not tracking your shipment, it may be difficult to deliver cargo on time. So, when your shipment is on the way, keep track of delivery status. 


Just avoid all these mistakes while shipping air cargo and it will lead to higher service quality and more happy customers.