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furniture movers November 10, 2022

5 Important Tips for Safe and Effective Furniture Moving

Planning a move to a new place? Moving can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of furniture, whether you are moving into your first apartment, or you are simply storing your belongings during the summer. Heavy and bulky furniture in your house is the most difficult household belongings to move when it comes to relocating from one place to another. If you don’t plan and prepare properly, there are all the possibilities to get things damaged during the relocation process.

So, when it comes to shifting your furniture to your new place, hiring professional furniture movers is the best you can do for safe and efficient furniture moving. Use the following advice to make moving your furniture as simple and painless as possible.

Take all your measurements before the move

The last thing you want is to spend an hour dragging your couch up seven flights of stairs only to discover that it is too big for the living room of your apartment. Make sure to assess and measure your living space and all entrances, staircases, and other obstructions that you may need to pass through during the move. Inform your movers of any exceptionally difficult items so they can be well-prepared for all the challenges.

Disassemble What You Can

Some furniture is quite simple to disassemble and reassemble. It will be simpler to transport and pack them if you break them up into smaller pieces. All of your dressers should have their drawers empty, and each drawer should be transported separately to prevent sliding while you are moving. Likewise, remove the cushions from any couches and chairs.

Slide Items If You Can

You can avoid the pain and suffering of moving heavy objects by sliding them across flat surfaces. Put a piece of towel or cardboard underneath it to help you move it through the hallway of your apartment complex. It might move easily across the floor with just a push from you. You might also think about placing Magic Sliders under the foot of your furniture. When all of your moving assistance has left, they’ll make it simple for you to rearrange your furniture.

Pack efficiently

Before placing your furniture on the moving truck, take precautions to safeguard it. Your upholstered furniture should be wrapped in plastic to prevent stains from occurring during the relocation. Additionally, you should wrap your wood furniture to prevent further scratches.

It may not be the most enjoyable activity you can imagine, but moving furniture doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Use the advice above to make the process as simple as you can. If you are looking for professional furniture movers in UAE for your upcoming move, call us to discuss your specific requirements.